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General Counsel

During her 30 years of experience, Marilyn has gained a deep knowledge of property tax law and regulations as well as handling appeals at the Property Tax Assessment Board of Appeals, the Indiana Board of Tax Review, Indiana Tax Court, and Indiana Supreme Court. She is responsible for providing legal representation to assessors in the appeals processes, but is known in the assessment community as more than "just an appeals lawyer," knowing and helping with the daily challenges faced by assessors and their staffs. She is routinely involved with the Indiana County Assessors’ Association and speaks about property tax and related issues. 


Marilyn has assisted counties in noteworthy cases having a statewide impact for the assessment community.  These cases include Duke v. Hamilton County Assessor (requiring predominant use of “daycare” facilities for exemption); representing multiple counties in successfully dismissing over 100 common area appeals, e.g., Windermere HOA v. Hamilton County Assessor; and, successfully defending Monroe County in several CVS appeals as well as Lake County in Kohl’s.


After graduating from the IU School of Law, Marilyn started working as a lawyer at the Office of the Indiana Attorney General, representing the State Board of Tax Commissioners (now Indiana Board of Tax Review) before local courts, the Tax Court, Supreme Court, and the federal District Court and the Seventh Circuit Court of Appeals.  While at the Attorney General’s Office, her cases of note included the landmark Town of St. John ushering in the use of market data to value property and Union Carbide a federal case concerning uniform property tax assessments.  


From there, Marilyn acted as senior administrative law judge for the now Indiana Board of Tax Review where she assisted in drafting procedural rules for the appeals process and also tax representative rules. Marilyn also served as senior administrative law judge on property tax appeals involving large amounts of claimed assessment reductions and questions of significance.


Immediately before joining Nexus, Marilyn was served as principal of Meighen & Associates, PC and provided legal representation for a significant number of counties in valuation and exemption appeals before the Indiana Board of Tax Review, Tax Court, and Indiana Supreme Court.  

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